We detect fires.

Allowing a caring community to assist in early wildfire detection.

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Hummingbird Network

Hummingbird Network is a platform that connects a community of digital volunteers to remote cameras positioned on the landscape. We alert emergency responders to new fires, helping firefighters get to fires more quickly so they can get them under control faster. Together, we are increasing the safety of our communities and the integrity of our forests.

What is Digital Volunteering?

Digital volunteers are people like you and me, participating in an online-activity that contributes to a larger cause or purpose. For us, here at Hummingbird Network, it’s early wildfire detection.

Here’s how it works

From strategically placed cameras on the landscape, Hummingbird Network passes images through the cloud onto your computer. You tell us whether or not you think you see smoke in the image. When we get your results, we verify them and report to the agency responsible for extinguishing the fire. Together, we make it all happen in less than 5 minutes.


Images Collected

Towers in vulnerable locations and take photos every 5 minutes.


Uploaded to the cloud

Images are uploaded to the cloud and available to view.


Analyzed by Volunteers

Photos are checked for signs of wildfires.


Verified by H.N.

Fire is verified by Hummingbird Network and our trusted partners.


Fire is Reported

Communities, forests, and lives are saved.

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Our Impact

Our results speak for themselves. With our community yielding 90% image analysis accuracy and an average detection time of only 3:01 minutes prior to the team reporting the fire, our contributions are meaningful and our impact is significant.

3:01 minute

Response Time


Fire Reporting Accuracy


Acres Protected

Hi! I'm Paula

I live in Vancouver with my family. I love the city, especially the great outdoors. I spend just a few minutes on Hummingbird every day, doing my part to protect the city and country I call home.

You can join Paula and other digital volunteers to prevent wildfires.