Who We Are

Our Story

Hummingbird Network began as a series of failed attempts to develop a wildfire detection solution that relied heavily on computer automation. Failure after failure forced the team to take a step back. To think about the problem differently.

Searching for a fresh solution to early wildfire detection, the Hummingbird team hit upon the idea of engaging volunteers online. Crowdsourcing wildfire detection to online volunteers proved to be effective. Founded by two former firefighters, Hummingbird Network is passionate about creatively solving the challenges of spotting wildfires early.

Our Commitment

We’re passionate about two things: human interaction and wildfire. We’re detecting fires. We’re making a difference. And our contributions could not come at a better time. Fires are getting bigger, harder to control, causing more damage and affecting more people than ever before. Join our community and get involved.

Here’s how it works

From strategically placed cameras on the landscape, Hummingbird Network passes images through the cloud onto your computer. You tell us whether or not you think you see smoke in the image. When we get your results, we verify them and report to the agency responsible for extinguishing the fire. Together, we make it all happen in less than 5 minutes.


Images Collected

Towers in vulnerable locations and take photos every 5 minutes.


Uploaded to the cloud

Images are uploaded to the cloud and available to view.


Analyzed by Volunteers

Photos are checked for signs of wildfires.


Verified by H.N.

Fire is verified by Hummingbird Network and our trusted partners.


Fire is Reported

Communities, forests, and lives are saved.

Meet our team

Robert Atwood


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Richard Sullivan


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As an online force, we’re striving to reduce the negative impacts of wildfires on communities and people.